Friday, 13 February 2015

How To : Pass Medicine

  1. Start early. If possible, make notes prior to lectures. At least it gives you a gross picture on what you are going to learn for the next one hour from the lecture. Then it will make senses if you have at least a little understanding before heading into the lecture hall.
  2. Make a quick mind-map after your lecture. It tests your memory and your depth of understanding after the lecture.
  3. Have a study group. You can study on your own, no problem. But you won't know what you have been missing out and your peers are going to be there to remind you what you should be focusing on instead of some crap trivia about medicine.
  4. OSCE. Practice a lot until it all becomes natural to you. Chest pain? Boom, you can breeze through your system with your eyes closed. Practice. Practice. Practice.
  5. Don't practice on your own. That's probably the silliest idea ever. Though your friends may not demonstrate any significant physical signs, at least they will let you know better techniques that you may find useful.
  6. Past papers? Do them early. You don't want to leave it till your study leave. You will realise how quick time flies before exam. 
  7. Online resources of examination papers. BMJ is a great source and I reckon you can find any illegal pdf docs floating around the web. There are plenty medical websites that cater to medical students and some of them are quite amazing eg.
  8. Ask for help. Medicine is tough but it doesn't take a tough guy to cruise through the course. Ask for help. Put your ego aside.
  9. Prioritise. You can party all weekend but you need to prioritise. Finish all your jobs before heading off to a housewarming party or sweet 22 birthday bash.
  10. Respect. Through out your course, you will meet all your seniors and they will lend you their advices to ace through medical school. They have been there and they have done that. Show they some respect and they will respect you and they will make your clinical life easier.