Friday, 13 March 2015

Thea Tea Shop @ Adelaide

Convenient. Quick service. Affordable. Tasty. 

I was trying out vegetarian menu today, you know just for a change. 

I love it! 

I was never this happy having so much veggies for my lunch.  I had the cold noodle with spicy peanut sauce, basil nuggets (which are AMAZING) and a regular sized cold mango green tea. Marvellous. 

Their basil nugget is the main attraction, I think it is 5.50AUD on certain days (Tuesday-Friday) and it is deliciously crunchy. 

The cold noodle was okay, shredded veggies with fried bean curds and thin noodle which is served with a cup of not-that-spicy peanut sauce. Surprisingly it kept me full throughout the day. 

They accept EFTPOS with minimum 15 AUD. 

110 Gawler Place, Adelaide SA 5000