Sunday, 14 June 2015

Mangkok @ Kuching

Kegilaan orang Kuching kinek tok; waima kau rakyat marhaen biasa or hipsters turun dari langit semua orang maok cuba makan mangkok stail bertingkat-tingkat tok. Where else can you indulge in the experience of having stacks of tiny bowls on your dining table?

Mun makan ABC di Swee Kang belom tentu dapat ngabis 2 mangkuk.

Boleh order ngekot dalam gambar tok, order 3, 5, 10 or 20 mangkok sekali. I came with other 4 mates and we eventually had 60 bowls on our wobbly wooden table.

If you are coming from the city; turn into the junction where Arif Hotel and Dormani Hotel are and drive straight passing the tiny bridge and you will notice this house on your right. Parking is a major issue and they have kindly provided a tiny alley to park your vehicles. Remember not to use any bulky cars so that it would be easy for you to park anywhere. 

There are few stools for loyal waiting customers. 

Portion nya sikda la banyak ne. Ada certain mangkok banyak mi and daging/ ayam nya, ada certain enggak kuah jak. No consistency kata orang putih. I love the gravy; spicy with subtle hint of sour and flavourful herbs. Sambal nya nang nyaman; makin berlalak nak makan. According to my mum, pedas nya bukan rah lidah; rah dalam badan.

So the idea is to get as many bowls as you can until you are full and snap a picture and brag about it on Instagram. Just kidding.

Sekali-sekala maok juak mencuba nak. Nyuruh orang kedai kepak berbasuh jak. But to be honest, you can get a better priced meal elsewhere with a bigger serving. Not that I did not warn you first.

It only opens from 5pm until 830pm or till no more noodles left. Jadi kawan-kawan, pay them a visit and datang awal lah mun maok cuba. Kadang-kadang kedai belom bukak gik tapi orang dah berbaris di luar. 

Nulong orang bukak kedai pun boleh.