Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Barber @ Kuching

Located right next to the famous The Junk, this retro coffee shop is the latest addition into the numbers of cafes that have been mushrooming around Kuching. Way to go Kuching!

This shop is carefully designed and decorated with ancient and old ornaments with unfinished ceiling and wooden wall. There is a tiny section that resembles an old barber shop before you enter the cafe and once you walk into the cafe, you will be teleported immediately into a dining area of the 60s!

I am in love with this cafe!

A lot of mirrors. A lot of light bulbs. I wish they could play retro songs too in the shop to light up that groovy 60's swag!

The hot kitchen closed at 950pm so we only ordered hot drinks. My usual double shot caffe latte. Most of the drinks are priced like other coffee shops do. I did not dare to try the food since I doubted their Halal status. They also serve alcohol.

It is a great place to hang with friends before calling your day off. Chic retro coffee shop with calming ambience; unless you have a pack of loud people (like us) that might ruin your date there. Teheee

The Barber.
74 Leboh Wayang 93100 Kuching Sarawak.