Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Coffee Factory @ Kuching

Caramel Macchiato (RM9) and Iced Chocolate (RM11). 

My brother said the ice chocolate tasted like iced milo. 

It was raining in Kuching. I dropped my sister at her usual tuition centre and I had nowhere to go. Guess what, I decided to drive that far to reach this place. It is not your usual and typical spot for hanging out at the heart of the city and it is located in a big standalone building along the road. If you google it, it is just across the Sentosa Hospital Kuching.

The interior was kinda typical for a chic coffee shop. Rusty brick wall. Metal stools. High table top. High ceiling and bright big windows. Perfect for selfies and flat-lays of your food!

Service was okay. Maybe I did not look like Chinese (like the rest of the customers) thus the waitresses could not even put on a smile for me. She even stumbled while carrying my hot drink and some of it spilled yet she did not even say sorry or offer to wipe it off.  There were plenty of kids there; trying to study guessing from the books and laptops on their coffee tables. Surprisingly even it is located that far, people actually keep on coming in and I guess surely its reputation is well built among the locals nearby.

I just had a couple of drinks with my siblings and I did not try their meals but there were no pork served. I am not sure about its Halal status but I can chase that one up.

Metal stairs with intertwined rope as the handle.

Cheese crepe RM8.50

Cheese crepe and panna cotta. 

The overly sweet fruit jam topping on the panna cotta overwhelmed the milky custard and I had to get rid of it to enjoy this glorious Italian dessert.

Price wise, it was as expected as other cafes that have been mushrooming in Kuching. At least they are cheaper than Starbucks hey? 

Overall, once in a while you want to get rid the hustle and bustle of the city to chill out and this place will not disappoint you. As long as you keen to drive far enough to get a RM10 hot drink. Have a good day Kuchingites!

The Coffee Factory.
JT Building 7th Mile Kuching-Serian Road Kuching.