Thursday, 30 July 2015

Going home (for good?)

Soon my time in medical school will be over. For real this time. Pheww, clearly my journey is longer than the rest of my peers. Am I looking forward to work? Yes, but the tiny heart of mine blatantly refusing on holding any responsibilities. Why? Because then I'm responsible for everything! Even patient's love life. 

I've been waiting for a vacant internship spot in Adelaide but the waiting is killing me. At the moment, all Category 1 kids have received their offers and they were already given their allocated hospitals for next year. So how internship allocation works in South Australia? Offers are given according to the group with the highest priority first. So Category 1 kids are those Australians who study locally in Adelaide and myself is in the Category 3 since I am a temporary resident studying in University of Adelaide. Since all Category 1 kids have received their offers, now what left is the torturous waiting game. So if any of them rejects their offers, the offers will be given to other people as according to the group's priority; going down the priority ladder. I tell you, the waiting game can be forever!

Deep down in my rotten heart, I do want to go back to Malaysia and serve people in my hometown. I've been spending a lot of time abroad and next I guess it's the right time to spend with my family. My parents are getting older and my youngest brother is getting bigger and taller than me! But I've been continuously fed with all the nightmares and stories about the real brutality of the working environment in Malaysia's hospitals. My senior medical officer (MO) has advised me once that no matter how good I will be as a houseman officer (or intern), the MO will always try to talk me down in the most nasty way. 

Meanwhile, I think Australia has the greatest lifestyle for doctors. My current intern apparently has 3-days off every 2 weeks; how good is that?! Everyone is so nice here, mostly. Everyone is keen to teach and one of the hospital's protocols is not to tolerate any abusive manners. Australia is a beautiful country as well and if you are willing to knock down your extra cash, you can spend the weekend travelling to Tasmania or discovering the Ayer's Rock. So many things can be done here. While there is no Mamak's stall, it's a great time to master your kitchen skills and dish out your favourite recipe of Chicken Rendang for your guests!

I don't know. I'm tossing in between staying or going home.

I will keep you guys updated, my invisible readers. Or probably none of you.