Saturday, 19 September 2015

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Three more weeks left before I am flying to Kuching to complete my final rotation in medical school and then I am all done! Woohoo! Give me a round of applause guys.

I have been stacking old papers and notes (for recycling), starting to sell some items away (so far none is being bought yet) and tidying up room for the next tenant. I am still finger-crossing to secure a job here in Adelaide for my internship but until now my future here still appears bleak.

For the last few years, international graduates from the medical school here could easily secure a job for their internship training. Even interstates graduate comes over as well like those from NSW and Victoria. We (I mean the scholarship) paid about 5-6x more than what is the local paying, which can reach up to a quarter of millions Aus dollar. Yet, there is no job guarantee for us during these days.

Such a good ol time.

Anyway, I am excited to complete a rotation in internal medicine in Sarawak General Hospital. Trying to get familiarise with the local health system. Seeing different cohort of patients compared to those that I saw here. Brushing up my local dialect. At the same time, hunting out new food ventures in Kuching and putting it up on the blog.

I am also excited for my pre-graduation trip. I have been spending an ample amount of time on planning so fingers crossed again it will turn out well, Insha Allah. Where am I going, you asked me? Well, surprise surprise. *wink2*

What I can tell you is it is going to be a "cold" journey.

Final day OSCE.

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