Monday, 28 September 2015

My weekend in Adelaide

No doubt that Adelaide is a small city. But it has been listed in Top 10 most liveable cities multiple times for the last few years. Let's see.

Dusk in Adelaide
My weekend was quite okay, I would say. I do not generally go out, grab some drinks or hit the dance floors. I am the cool guy who would spend time at lounging at home while on Netflix marathon. Not lazy per se, but I am more to trying to engage in world's trendsetting and hip issues like "Oh damn who killed Rebecca in the final episode (in How To Get Away With Murder)" or "Oh no, how these poor kids are going to survive on earth after being deported from their spaceship (in The 100)".

I am addicted to this new ABC's show "How To Get Away With Murder" after the lead actress became the first African-American actress to win the prestigious Emmy Award. The show was created by Shonda Rimes who also created the successful chains of other TV shows like Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal. It was really damn good! I strongly recommend the show to all of you.

Brunch @ Cafe Komodo

Anyway, let's get back to my weekend. I spent time catching up with the med kids over brunch at Cafe Komodo on Prospect Road. Price wise was a bit expensive but the food was amazing. I had tofu burger with ice coffee for around 21$. It is a small cafe in someone's backyard with retro interior decoration.

Desserts at Eggless Cafe
Then, I helped out a friend of mine for her upcoming barrier exam at the Hub University of Adelaide. Followed by a quick dinner at a friend's house since she cooked Chicken Soto in celebration of Eid Adha and I ended the night indulging on the menu of the month at Eggless, the triple Chocolate Cheesecake.

Chicken Soto
Ice Chocolate @ Eggless
It was my first time visiting Eggless after being here in Adelaide for so long. Own by a couple of a Sarawakian and a Singaporean, the cafe serves a great selection of menus that are healthy and vegetarian oriented. I arrived at 10mins after it opened but I had to wait for about 20 minutes to get in and the queue was building up through out the night. Everyone had to order one drink/food.

My gorgeous cheesecake.
It was a good day. But not too good on my wallet.

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