Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Cosmos Burger American Diner @ Kuching

Finally, I had a chance to try out this place. I always have a thing about burgers; I either like or hate them. Nothing in between.

I am glad I like this one but I did find the fries were a bit salty. Even my mum & my sister agreed on this.

They serve different kinds of burgers to different needs. From meat devourer to vegan oriented, this place shall meet all your friends and family's sophisticated palates. 

Twister Fries. RM7.90

Teriyaki Boyz. RM 12.90

With every burger, you will also get half serve of the fries & coleslaw. Those side dishes were just OK to me. Still edible. 

I like the beef patty. To me, it was cooked to my liking. Not too dry yet it crumbled in your mouth easily. The teriyaki sauce was sweet and I wonder whether it was actually honey instead.

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