Friday, 30 October 2015

How To Make Your Mum Happy

1. Eat everything she cooks.
You wont see anything sparkles brighter than your mum's eyes when she's doing empty plates of dishes. It takes so much preparation to cook for a family so why not do her a favour so she wont be squeezing more effort on scrubbing those extra oils sticking on the plates and not to worry about food waste. Makan sampai licin.
2. Dont argue but agree.
When mum complains, dont ever try to justify your wit against your mum's judgement. So she complains of her dream Coach bag is too expensive, your response should be "Yeah right. Stupid Coach. Why charge people so much? It's not that the bag can clean after itself." Dont you dare to say, "Why dont get a bag that you can afford instead?", mahu kau kena hunger strike 5 malam.
3. If she asks you to run some errands, do them immediately.
Mums' logic is there is no one in this world is busier than them, not even Oprah and you. So she asks you to vacuum the house, do it immediately or else she wont nag but she'll make the annoying stomping noise with the penyapu lidi all around the house.
4. If she's taking the afternoon nap, dont disturb them.
These women have to wake up early to prepare for breakfast, get the kids ready for school, tidy up the house and run their usual morning errands. But unless she specifically reminds you to wake her up for the afternoon Tv3's Pinoy drama, just let them rest. Being a mum is exhausting ey.
5. The littlest charity you could ever do for your mum is give them Al-Fatihah everyday.
Whether they are with us or not, the prayer couldn't be any sweeter but surely a diamond ring from Tiffany won't hurt either. But dont you whisper Al Fatihah next to their ears lah or else you would be the one yang kena Al Fatihah.

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