Thursday, 22 October 2015

Kaijoo Cafe @ Kuching

Bad news guys, The Coffs is no longer with us.

Good news, there is a new cafe in town, Kaijoo Cafe.

Well, it is in the same building as the previous The Coffs. It is not a great cafe per se, but at least you have more options laid in front you on where to hang out tonight for example. 

Price wise, it is quite reasonable. A cup of cappuccino costed me RM7, where else can you get the same bargain? Definitely not Starbucks, or Sukha. 

It is right next to the tiny and quiet alley next to Plaza Merdeka. Parking is probably an issue but there are spots available for parking near the Elektra House.

If you add extra RM1 or RM1.50 on top of your drinks, you can get 3 pieces of traditional kuih or curry puffs. Kuih nyonya that I had was quite good. 

Give them a visit guys. They have free WiFi too, so do not forget for the password (wink2).

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