Friday, 30 October 2015

NK Grill Kitchen @ Kuching

"Soft Opening"

I was interested on checking this place out. It is near to where I live and of course, as an adventurous foodist I would like try their food!

Come early if you can because on that night, it was full house after 8pm. So I was quite impressed with this new restaurant.

Price wise, some of the food are quite pricey, even more expensive than Elephant Cafe. There is a pasta dish with grilled salmon costs RM52 and I am pretty sure I left my eyeballs rolling on the floor.

I did find most of the food were a bit salty but other people might enjoy having that extra "umphh" in their food. My sister really enjoyed her drink, Ice Soda Lemon Mint.

Grilled Supreme Chicken. It's a "double grilled chicken chop, cheese and ham". Not for someone who is afraid of cholesterol.

Carbonara. The sauce was quite thick and creamy and I liked it (but some people like it a bit runny). My mum said her favourite carbonara is from Fork and Knife.

Aglio Olio. The prawns look like there were sick and since when Italians added parmesan cheese on their aglio olio? Maybe it is NK's signature.


Cajun Fish with Tartar Sauce

Otherwise, I did enjoy the service. It was fast and the staff were more than happy to help you out. Not too bad for a soft opening. But I guess I will revisit this place in 6 months time, just to let it improvise their food better. 

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