Thursday, 15 October 2015

Pezzo Pizza @ Kuching

I have always been the biggest fan of pizza. Thin and crispy or cheese stuffed crust or just only cheese topping pizza, I love all kinds of pizzas!

While I was away from home, I heard this new pizza place called "Pezzo Pizza" that had been mushrooming all over Sabah & Sarawak and all the sophisticated hypes saying their pizzas are so much better than the Pizza Hut (But surely can't beat Dominoes yet).

So I decided to try out the new pizza venture in town; one near Matang Jaya. It's spacious and I was greeted by the owner (perhaps) since he was the only one not wearing the red uniforms. There were plenty of workers around; being stagnant until being summoned on what to do.

The owner told me this is their most famous one, The Fisherman's Favourite but this is not my favourite so far.

Why you should come down here? There is a lot of varieties of the pizza's toppings and you can pick and choose whichever you want if you are thinking of getting one whole round of pizza. You can refer the topping's selection here.

1 slice of pizza costs you RM6.90. For 6 slices of pizzas, it's RM39.80 and with extra ringgit, you can get 2 cans of carbonated drinks.

Love the cheesy cheese pizza.

So, you fancy a slice of pizza?

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