Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Turkish taxi drivers SCAM

I am well aware of the scams, so before I touch down in Istanbul; I've told myself repetitively do not get the taxi.

But I did eventually. Why you ask? I had the longest flight ever via Qatar Airways from Kuching to Istanbul, not having enough sleep (since the guy sat next to me slept taking even after few drinks of Whisky), very long way from Sabiha Gokcen Aiport to my hotel (I had to take the express bus and the ferry) and I just out of energy. Completely exhausted.

So I decided to catch a random taxi around Eminonu to Kaftan Hotel.

That guy is a bastard. He insisted to see my Euro money first before he let me into the cab which thankfully I had some since my mum had few spares after her last visit to Valencia.

He was quite chatty; everytime he found me distracted or looking elsewhere (NOT the meter) I noticed my meter sped up like crazy, from 9 Lira to 24 Lira in only just 200 meters. So I was kept on checking the meter just in case he did it again and eventually the meter ended at  40 Lira.

He insisted me to pay in Euro which after online conversion, that would be only 12 Euro. Yet he asked me to pay 30 Euros!

Then while I was taking out the money from the pouch, he tried to grab the money out of the pouch in a frantic manner. I even asked him to chill down and he argued that I gave him "broken" money. So I noticed that I gave him 50 Euros but he angrily said I gave him 10 Euros. So long story cut short, I lost 80 Euros to that sick bastard.

Just want to let you guys know so that you will never make the same mistake like I did.

Grab a taxi from their official taxi stands.


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