Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Aek Kupi @ Kuching

Everyone on my Instagram feed has been sharing pictures of them with this big plastic tube of "Aek Kupi" so I thought I should check it out!

It is a home-operated beverage shop where they sell iced drinks in a jumbo sized plastic cup! Many flavours are available to choose but we bought Iced Arabica and Iced Chocolate.

Each big cup costs RM6 and I thought it was not cost effective but once I finished the drink, the ice cubes were still there, like three quarter of the cup. So I thought, RM6 maybe worth it. 

It was okay, and I am not going to compare it to those from legit coffee shops. 

Check them out guys! It's across the mosque in Kampung Gita, Petra Jaya and you will soon notice the blue marquee with possibly long queues. 


  1. Kamek baruk try. Bukan pemimat kopi, so kamek pilih Vanilla Chcolate flavour. Boleh tahan la. Bekal k sehari pun boleh, ahaha.

    1. Ya ng mena lah. Tp nak besa la cup nya, tp ais jk byk hihi