Thursday, 17 March 2016

Hourglass Cafe @ Kuching

5 things about this cafe:

1. They will give you an hourglass as your table number and you would think once all the sand dropped down, your meal/drinks will arrive but you're wrong.

2. Most of the meals will be gone by 9pm. Drinks are still available and my friend who had the milkshake said it was too sweet (maybe she'd old).

3. They serve local cuisines like Kolok Mee and Sarawak Laksa. Desserts include a bowl of cereal
and waffle (which apparently was the shop's signature special but it wasn't available on that night).

4. There was a PS4 on the floor and you can enjoy playing boardgames with your mates. The interior was nice, beautiful mural on the wall with chic wall ornaments. I felt like the seatings were a bit close to each other and I kept on elbowing the guy behind me.

5. It's a good place to hang if you don't feel like having heavy meals; just drinks and cosy ambience to keep you company through out the night.

It's right across the Hilton hotel, along the Tune Hotel, next to Tumis Cafe and other local eateries nearby. 

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