Thursday, 17 March 2016

Mami Cendol @ Kuching

This is my favourite past time, crushed ice dessert!

Kuching is extremely hot (sometimes) and even if it's raining, ais kacang is always palatable for everyone. 

I always enjoy having my tea time here with my family and I will have the best cendol with pulut in Kuching! 

Situated right next to a mosque around Gita, Petra Jaya area, you will notice a lot of cars parked along the road probably after 4pm and you would know right away the shop that I am talking about. 

They do have their own private parking spaces next to the mosque so put your worry aside. I would advise you to come early because sometimes the seats can be fully occupied but the thing is Kuching people are quite understanding and they will leave their tables if they know they are other people have been waiting (to my gross observation).

They also serve hot meals like fried noodle and deep fried squid, fruit rojak etc. 

Guys, come over to this place and surely you won't be disappointed. Strongly recommended!

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