Thursday, 17 March 2016

Tony Roma's @ Kuching

I had the biggest pleasure to try out this steakhouse. I have never been to any of the outlets in Malaysia and when I had the chance (and money), I decided to treat my family a quick lunch over there.

I had the most expensive burger that I was struggling to finish it, given how humongous the portion is. To me, the sauteed onions was lacking of flavour and the beef patty was a bit dry and crumbly but since I spent nearly RM30 on it, I better left nothing on the plate!

The rest of the meal was superb, especially the ribs.

I really enjoyed the service, we were personally catered and the staff knew exactly what she's doing (her name is Suraya and a round of applause for her)!

If you have the gut (and money), why not invite your loved ones here and treat them with "meals-for-the-kings".

Tony Roma's. Vivacity Megamall. Kuching.

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  1. Hohoho. Pegi sitok sikpat embak wallet sederhana tebal. Ngoder pun sikpat lupak daratan, ahahaha. Tapi nang nyaman la. Sik rugi bayar mahal. hehe