Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Why did I cancel my backpacking trip?

So I had the pleasure to plan my another solo backpack trip again last year and it was of course, done ultimately on the last running minute. There was a great bargain from Qatar Airways and I booked my return flights from Kuching to Istanbul and then to Amsterdam and eastern Europe.

Usually, I am always on the ball. 
I would have built up my stamina for few months, trying to get fitter since I've imagined I would tour around by foot mostly around those romantic European cities. 
I would have planned properly what I should have packed rather than throwing things here and there on the night before of my trip. 
I would have been reading a lot about other people's itineraries and suggestions rather than randomly browsing top 10 photos on Google in each city that I've planned to visit.
I have been to Europe before I am well aware of my own safety and how to get away from those scumbags or scammers so solo travelling to Europe was kinda my favourite pastime.

I thought I could go on going solo for 3 weeks but I completely had forgotten how lonely it was when I backpacked last time. It felt completely different too this time when I had to stay with other strangers in a dormitory room; usually I would have enjoyed new company and exchanging stories but that time I was completely flipped out when other people stained the washing basin in the toilet! (Usually I tend to keep it cool)

I should have packed lighter or to be exact, just below 7kgs and instead of carrying a backpack, I should have pulled a wheeled cabin bag. I think I completely had my back severed severely last time and I realised my body had betrayed me this time compared to 5 years ago when I could carry a heavy backpack on a long kilometres walk.

I just feel like, this time I would prefer to have a great company to travel with because it would make the journey more treasurable than simply going solo and ticking the checklist. 

So after 1.5 weeks in Europe, I decided I should call it a quit because I was about on the verge of breaking down; right in a foreign town on my own and it was not a pretty sight at all.

p/s: Next time, if you plan to travel; get fitter and pack really light!

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