Saturday, 14 May 2016



p/s: In Adelaide, we work first before we get our official scroll. 

Finally. The moment everyone had been waiting for especially for my parents. Everyone else had been bugging me with the same question over and over again; "When are you going to finish your study?" and some even had expected me to spend money on their children once I got the job. 

So right after work, I drove down to Adelaide while the sun was setting and all the roads were engulfed in the darkness. It was drizzling, the wind was blowing vigorously and I was so scared that my precious tiny sedan would not survive the weather that night. I was glad too that I did not bump into any wild kangaroos because the last thing I wanted to happen was my severely dented car to be towed to Adelaide (Well, at least I would get a free ride).

The ceremony was in the afternoon and we did not have any rehearsal. So the rest of us from the Faculty of Health were crammed into the oldest hall in Adelaide University with our families. The hall itself was so warm and brightly lit with the sun blazing through the unfiltered colorful mosaic windows. I was the first being called upon and seated at the front row, so no mobile phone for me unless I won't mind being caught by the Vice Chancellor. 

My family bought me a celebratory teddy bear with a black journal which is what I have been eyeing for so long. Now I can plan and jot down my thoughts in my 365-page Italian-made diary. 

Everyone was happy. I have never seen my shy dad was so keen on being photographed with me in my suit, graduation gown and scroll. My mum could not stop snapping photos on her Samsung and even with her iPad because the phone battery died on her. We Boomerang-ed a lot too and it was just exceptionally surreal. 

It was a beautiful day. 

p/s: It felt so unreal and weird at the same time when people congratulated you as a doctor but you have been working ages ago. 

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  1. Congratulations!! Cute teddy bear you got there.