Sunday, 7 August 2016

Rusty Bean and Batter @ Kuching

Sigh. It was a long day strolling along with my mum in Vivacity and I needed a break. While my mum rushed into the Everise to complete her groceries list, I was staring at this mini cafe near the entrance. 

The barista looked like he knew what he was doing and I needed a quick caffeine booster!

A mini guide for coffee amateurs out there!

I am pretty sure there is another branch in ST3, from my faint memory. I love their coffee and I like the quirky murals.

They serve breakfast meals too like waffle and pancake. So dear husbands, if your wives have to do groceries shopping and you are not to keen to drag your feet around, you can stick around in the cafe. 

I did not have a chance to try the food since my mum was wailing out at my name from Everise after 10 seconds ordering but they looked good on the paper!

Check them out guys!

Rusty Bean and Batter.
Vivacity, Kuching.

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