Saturday, 13 August 2016

Sukha Cafe @ Kuching

This was the highlight of my cafe hopping in Kuching recently. I have been wanting to come here but it is just too far and parking spots are hardly to be seen. Most of the days, it is always crowded by college students from SEGI.

There were old bicycles hung on the ceiling, with delicate crane origami dangling underneath them. It is cozy and welcoming; I love hanging around here. They are open till late and you will not be surprised at students flashing their laptops till midnight there.

I tried their specialty the charcoal waffle and I enjoyed it. The ice cream was soft and flavourful with tinge of salted caramel sauce to perk up the taste. If it was not the salted egg yolk (because I am not a fan, sorry guys), it would have been a delightful meal. There are plenty of meals to try out anyway, surely any menu will appeal to your palate.

Check them out!

Sukha Cafe.
Block 16 Brighton Square, Jalan Song.

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