Thursday, 13 October 2016

Birthday Boy

It has been awhile.

*sweeping off spider web*

These last few months have been exhausting and mentally-draining; high turnover from the ward with people come and go. I have been caught up with TV shows that are currently running on their new seasons like How To Get Away with Murder, Quantico and Grey's Anatomy. I have been reading new books from James Patterson and a new one from J.D Robb. I have been doing some works; medically related of course. I have been meeting some people and they are not from Tinder's matches (still no luck in romantic's life). 

Anyway, it was my birthday 3 days ago and I have come to this stage where I do not want to celebrate it anymore and I do not feel like to tell anyone about it, at all. I feel "old" and I can not do parties anymore. So I came to work on Monday and my colleague brought me beautifully cooked Briyani rice as the Monday's gift. I thanked her (as a grateful human being) and I slipped saying "it's my early birthday gift too!". Then, the birthday wishes were rolling, spiralling around the workplace and my other colleague bought me a cake too (since I tend to eat cakes at the cafeteria whenever I have a bad day). 

It is amazing that at this new place which I am still trying to fit into and all these thoughtful people had made my day brighter than I thought how it would have been. I was thinking that I might spend my birthday watching Netflix with a jar of gourmet Ice-Cream in hands instead. I was wrong and the day could not get any better when I had spent dinner with them at a Thai's place. 

I am thankful for all the blessings and people who have entered into my life. 

*hands together and bow*

I also made myself a mug cake topped with ice-cream and biscuits :)

p/s: I am also excited for my new adventure next year which is probably the best birthday's gift ever.

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