Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Bunka Hostel @ Tokyo

I strongly recommend this hostel!

If you are looking for any (affordable) accomodation (including hostel), Bunka Hostel is where you shall be staying. 

Right in the heart of Asakusa and in between two metro stations (of the same [Ginza] line), you are minutes away from accessible transportation around Tokyo and hundreds of shops specialising in food and Japanese merchandise.

There are 2 halal Japanese eateries nearby; Asakusa Sushiken and Nararitaya Ramen shop and other halal shops include Turkish kebab and Indian food. Few convenience stores are easily within walking distance as well ie Family Mart, Lawson and 7-11. 

There are 7 floors, and the highest floor is where the family room and dining area are. Breakfast is served which is limited to 20 sets and will cost around 350 Yen. Regular breakfast includes (only) one egg and a toast, potato salad and orange juice/coffee/water. I did ask them whether they used any animal product in their mashed potatoes and she said probably yes. So instead, I chose Family Mart coffee and breakfast! Like everywhere else in Tokyo, there is a vending machine conveniently placed near the elevator.

So you can either stay in a bunk bed or single bed dormitory, and if you have more to spend, you can stay in their family room which can accomodate 4 people (for 168 00 Yen). Don’t be surprised at their “box” dormitory style and apparently its their original design! Made from panel of wood supported by steel with built-in overhead light and 2x power supply, it ensures your privacy despite having to stay in a “bunk bed”. It did not feel claustrophobic at all (because you can easily jump out from your cubicle). Each room comes with their own pair of slippers, a towel, a pillow and a quilt. There are lockers available but it was quite small for me (it only fit my shoes and few clothes).

You can select mixed or female-only floor with each floor (on my floor) had 2x toilets for gents, 3x toilets for ladies, 4 wash basins, a shower and a bathtub. 2 hairdryers were available as well. There were also recycle bins and laundry basket (for used towels). 

So if you want to get your cubicle cleaned daily, you shall keep the curtain opened and even if you wished not to, fresh towel will be provided every day. 

The “box” rate per night is 3000 Yen but since I made my booking via booking.com (and it was made a day before my arrival in Japan) , I managed to get 20% off for every night and since I am not going to keep the secret to myself, so here you go!

The check-in time is at 4pm so if you arrived early (like I did), you can leave your baggage at the reception area and the staff were delightful and approachable. 

I am definitely coming back to this place (or ditch it once I made more money teehee). 

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