Friday, 6 January 2017

Should you buy a 2016 Macbook Pro?

I had my first Macbook since 2008, the first Apple's aluminium-body handy dandy laptop. It was great around that time; it was snappy fast and pleasing to the eye too. Until the removable battery started to swell up about few years ago and I had to chuck it away. There was no new battery replacement available around that time since Apple had been producing built-in batteries into their Macbooks. So I carried my laptop (without its battery) and its long-wire power adaptor EVERYWHERE and I had to sit next to a nearby power supply just to get my works done. Not so handy dandy anymore. 

It also began to make this "lawn-mowing" noise when it heated up and it took long enough to cool down. I upgraded the RAM to keep up with numbers of jobs I had to multi-task with it but the fast-paced world that we live in failed it. Until I came to my own heavyhearted conclusion, I NEED A NEW MACBOOK. 

I was contemplating at first to get the 2016 Macbook Pro; the specs were not that tempting and its hefty price tag made my heart sank. Touch Bar; with or without? Silver or space grey? 13 vs 15 inches?

After putting my faith on numerous reviews from Youtube, I finally bought a 13-inch Macbook Pro without the Touch Bar and I did not regret it, AT ALL. 

It's light; I can carry it everywhere! To my kitchen (I like doing my work next to my coffee machine and my stash of cookies), to my work place (without putting any excess weight in my messenger bag). The screen is just LIT; bright, well-enhanced colours, great definition. Keyboard; love the second generation of the butterfly mechanism, it makes me wants to type more and more!

The only 2x USB-C ports available were sort-of a setback that I will try to ignore and bear with. I am thinking of getting this great-looking USB-C hub which will suit my new space-grey addiction.

If you were like me who was still holding on to your old Bronze Aged Macbook, the new 2016 Macbook Pro is a great upgrade that had made me happier everyday. 

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