Saturday, 11 February 2017

Local Halal places in Tokyo that you should never miss!

I am sure the rest of you maybe sick of having halal Kebab or Indian food overseas (particularly in Japan), so why not check these places out.

1. Asakusa Sushiken (Asakusa)

I had a wonderful experience having the bona fide sushi here, served with fresh ingredients (the chef served the raw prawn right from the aquarium- REALLY FRESH!). The moment my tanned-Malaysian-looking figure walked into the place, they immediately changed the menu on the table to their Halal menu. 

I heard from this guy who sat next to me (whom also I saw walking out from his Bentley!) was talking about "Halal" and "Malaysia" in such an enthusiastic manner which I presumed the restaurant had a great success by introducing  their "new" menu sets. 

So I had ~4000 Yen sushi set which includes the "sea-urchin" (yup you read it right), I finished them all and they were SO GOOD! The salmon roes were salty and juicy and the tuna was (I can't believe I say this) divine!

Check this out near Asakusa and get ready with plenty of money too. 

Japan, 〒111ー0032 東京都台東区浅草2丁目11−4

2. Halal Ramen Ouka 

I went here twice! Flavourful broth and authentic dining experience, it was worth the 1300 Yen that I spent here. So I had the medium sized not spicy ramen which I had to pay first from the vending machine and I handed the lady my printed ticket. The machine only accepts smaller note like 1000, 5000 Yen and coins, but you still can exchange bigger note like 10 000 Yen with the machine next to it. 

The ramen is served in a bowl of salty broth with condiments like egg, roasted chicken and vegies. The chicken was really juicy and well cooked. 

There is a guide on how to enjoy your ramen and once you have finished with your meal, they will serve you the signature fragrant tea to clean your palate.

The shop only opens after 2:30 pm, so do not get there too early.

Check it out near Shinjuku!

1 Chome-11-7 Shinjuku, 新宿区 Tokyo 160-0022, Japan

p/s: There is another Halal ramen place near Asakusa called Naritaya Halal Ramen shop that I never had a chance to set my foot in and probably should never be missed as well. 

3.  Gyumon BBQ (Shibuya)

Just like Gyukaku in Malaysia, this old shop serves halal meat in BBQ style. They will quickly recognise you if you came from a foreign land and will hand you their Halal menu. They still serve alcohol and pork but obviously, their Halal meat is served and prepared separately as outlined by the local Halal authority. 

I had their 3000 Yen set, which includes 2 different cuts of beef meat, chicken, rice and salad. I love the authenticity of the shop and you will see closely the local Japanese culture where the men get altogether after work and cheering their drinks off among their colleagues.

I find the portion may be too little but I enjoyed the entire experience. 

Japan, 〒150-0002 Tokyo, Shibuya, 3−14−5

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